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Quality Management in Last Mile Industry

What is Quality?

In general term means, it is in accordance with the specifications or according to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) or in accordance with the standards / provisions.

Example; quality of One Day Shipments, means the product must fulfil one day time limit of shipment, from starting the goods / document to be received by our point of sales from the shipper, until it is received by the consignee / recipient.

What is Quality Management?

It means that all forms of planning, process management, and supervision can meet standards or SLA.

Example; the planning, organizing, and monitoring , system and networking to achieve one day shipment, accordance to SLA promise.

In Quality Management there are a quote;

"Write what you do. Do what you write!"

This means that all jobs in the operational field must be been written and became something we called as procedures and policies, then we must ensure that those all procedures and policies has been implemented.

Quality in last mile industry can easily translated as "delivery according to SLA or promised service"

It mean, quality shipments must meet at least 2 things; Correctness and Secured.

Correctness has 2 aspect;

  • correct address on delivery.
  • correct time on delivery.

Secured has 2 aspects;

  • Secured the shipment from damaged.
  • Secured the shipment from lost.

How to build quality organization?

In Quality Management there is a level of "provisions" that must be followed as a guide, namely as follows;

1. Vision and Mission

This is the highest level. All provisions made by the company must be based on the vision and mission.

Vision is what a company wants to be.
Mission is how to achieve vision goals.


Vision: To become a world-class supply chain company ==> destination

Mission: Providing the best service to consumers ==> ways

2. Policy

This is the second level. All provisions made by highest management level in the company, it can be in the form of a Company Regulation, or it can also be an Internal Memo (for those who are short term or limited in scope)

3. Procedures

This is the third level. It is a set of statement that regulates the ways of process and the relationship between processes. Usually, it is made in the form of an SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) or in the small organisation it can be in the form of a Job Description for the employees, that contain their obligations and how to fulfil it.

4. Working Instructions

This is the lowest level. It describe some guidances to carrying out the job for each function or position.

Continues Improvement

In modern Quality Management, as it was stated in ISO 9000 in 2000 it was said "continuous improvement". What it's mean?

It means, we must encourage our organization, peoples, network, methodologies, technologies, become better from ever. It make our organization always ready to face the uncertainty market.

The high and middle management must actively continually make improvements or find the best way of working, with the aim of meeting customer satisfaction with the effectiveness and efficiency way of working.


Effective is an action or process that gives tangible results.

Efficiency is an action or process that provides the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way.

So if it is effective, focus on results, while efficiency is on the way.


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Quality Management in Last Mile Industry